1. I finished the song I've been working on for the past week. I recorded yesterday morning and edited some of the vocals at home. Today I revisited the work I had done at home and was not satisfied so I restarted all of my mastering/mixing of my vocals. It took me about an hour to redo it all but now it sounds amazing. I watched a couple videos to guide me on how to edit my vocals and I took some notes and I've improved my normal way of doing it.
2. During the last 30 minutes of class, I started working on the third song of my EP. Carlos has provided 3 beats for my EP and I want to make sure I have more songs on it that I've produced compared to the songs that he's produced. I have to make two more songs and then write lyrics for four more songs.


1. Today I finished up the beat for the second song on my EP. I had trouble mastering it since this is the first time I ever really mastered my beat but I tried my best and it came out sounding pretty nice. It's one of the best ones that I've made probably.
2. I started writing lyrics for the song and decided to title it "Should've Known Better". I've written one of my verses and the chorus, I just need the second verse and the outro still. Hopefully I can record before next class so I can edit my vocals during thesis and finish up the entire song.


1. I applied to USC
2. After I applied to USC, I had all of my college stuff done so I worked on my thesis project. I continued working on the EP I'm dropping this month. Lately, I've been struggling writing lyrics to beats so I just played around making beats looking for inspiration. Still trying to get over the writing block.


1. I changed my second-choice major for USC from undecided to business administration. I also researched the business school at USC and looked in-depth at their business programs. Then, I finished the second supplement for USC. I had to write about how I intend to pursue my academic interests at USC. I wrote about the research centers, opportunities, and faculty that will all be available to me as an undergraduate and through my graduate program.
2. I also finished the short short questions USC asks (favorite food, favorite movie, etc). I made sure to make these answers concise.


1. I started and finished writing my first supplement for USC. It was about what I want to learn about outside my academic interests. I wrote about music and how I want to learn more about it. I included how USC could help me achieve that, with it being in L.A., there is a big music community there. The max was 250 words but I wrote about 175 so there could be room to go more in-depth. I plan to show it to Mr. Correa next class so I can finish the next supplement. (~45 min)
2. Bathroom break! (~5 min)
3. I looked at the second supplement for USC. It asked how I want to pursue my academic interests and USC and it got me reconsidering my major. I originally wanted to major in Earth Sciences but USC isn't known for that field. I wanted to do architecture but they require a portfolio for freshmen. So, I started researching more majors at USC. (~40 min)


1. I was in the conference room the whole class. The whole time Carlos and I recorded a song that we're dropping tomorrow. We finalized the instrumental and finished up Carlos' verse. We recorded multiple times so we could choose the best ones. We didn''t have time to edit the vocals so i'll be doing that tonight.


1. I spent all of class writing the supplement for my Purdue application to the Honors College (300 words). I also had Mr. Correa read over it and I changed what he suggested to.