1. I spent about 10 minutes registering for APs

2. Since I finished the beat for the song I want to release next Monday, I wrote a couple lyrics and got half way through the song. I will probably record Saturday night and then release it Monday around 11.

3. After I wrote some lyrics, I got pretty burned out creatively so I decided to extend my presence on a forum I frequently visit. It's called Looperman and users upload musical loops that they've created for others to use. I use this too pretty consistently and especially when I have no ideas for beats. Today, i decided to start uploading my own loops as I've seen some loops reach over two thousand downloads! I'm hoping that through this website, I can gain a new audience and expand the number of people who listen to my music. I've already prepared three loops and I have so many unused beats I have plenty to upload from there.


1. Over the weekend, I produced, wrote, and released an entire song. It's been doing okay with about 100 plays after 4 days but my past release, Sleepwalker, is still rising in numbers. It's over 1600 plays.

2. Since I released All Talk this Monday, I'm going to try to continue with the trend of releasing a song once every week. Today I worked on a beat for a song to release next Monday: 18. This song is going to be released on my birthday, which is also the one year anniversary of my first song I've ever released. In this song, I will sit back and reflect on my life and my musical career as a whole. In addition to reflecting on the past. I want to contemplate the future and lay out the plans I have for the rest of the year. The beat is pretty much done but I may add a lil' somethin somethin to it to spice it up. This song will revert back to my more traditional chill type of music rather than the Lo-Fi/Trap mash up I've recently been working on.


1. AYEEEEEE. The song I posted two classes ago hit 1000+ plays today. I've been doing a lot of online promoting and I feel like it has been paying off.

2. I continued collaborating with Carlos during class. We are finalizing songs for the Black Panther EP. We spent the class showing each other beats that we had made and we bounced ideas off each other. We're still thinking of doing roughly 4 songs for the EP.


1. Unfortunately I spent a majority of my class time trying to get my laptop to connect to the internet. For some reason I couldn't see any available networks so I was unable to discover any samples. I tried making a few beats from scratch but I didn't really enjoy any of them except one idea I started on.

2. Once I expanded on the beat I partially enjoyed, it started sounding a little better but I'm still not sure if I am going to use it. I want to release at least one more single before February ends.

3. Once Carlos showed up, he showed me some beats from the Black Panther inspired EP we're collaborating on. Things are definitely coming along.


1. I finalized a song during class. The song is called Sleepwalker. I've been working on it for the past week or so. I found a sample from Andre Tschaskowski - Moonset 2.

2. I released the song during class and it is already doing pretty well. I think I will continue this trend of releasing soley singles.


1. After a month from the release of my previous EP, I have finally been inspired to start another one! I have three beats from a producer named Kamai that I'm using for this upcoming EP. This class I just wrote lyrics for the beats basically.
2. Carlos and I are also coproducing an EP inspired by the Black Panther soundtrack. Which will release after the first one.


1. I worked on my thesis presentation all class and finished it.
2. I then continued working on my next single which involves collaborating with Carlos. We created a couple beats and spit ideas between each other.