1. I did some more refining on my Common App essay. (30 minutes)

2. I added A&M to my college list again and I started its supplements/apply texas essay. (60 minutes)


1) I started my bibliography which was pretty difficult since I don't really do research to make music. I did track down some videos I watched on YouTube a while back that helped me a lot and I put them in the bibliography. I also put the websites that I used to research old symbols of mountains, clouds, oceans, etc.

2) I continued working on beats for the album. I'm not sure if I want to change my thesis to just releasing music twice every month because it's hard for me to achieve similar sounding tracks that fit together but sound different enough to stand on their own. I may switch to making an EP every two months. So I'd drop four projects this year with 4-6 songs in each one. This way I can stay focused and not put this off until the end. Each EP would also be more representative of me as a person since I'll be releasing a new project every two months, making them more relevant to my style/taste/feelings at the moment.

EP would drop sometime in December.


1. I added some more colleges that I'm thinking about applying to. Uni of Toronto, Uni of Washington, and Boston Uni all seem like good places I'd enjoy. I'm still researching them.

2. I tried to schedule an interview with USC but it turns out all their appointments are taken.

3. Finished up my supplements for Uni of Oregon.


1.  I've cut two colleges off of my list (Seattle Uni and Santa Clara)
3. I've gained an interest in becoming an architect!
4. Did half of my calpoly app


1. I researched Lafayette College more thoroughly since Ms. Marberry recommended I go talk to them yesterday and they sparked my interest. I'm applying there now.

2. I started my UO "Supplemental" Essay and talked to Mr. Correa about the direction my essay. I'm at about 120/250-650 words.


1. I've started thinking more about the metaphor for my album. I do want the representations for the issue to be earthly things (as said in my presentation). I've been attracted to the moon, sky, ocean, and mountains. I've started researched old meanings for these four representations to try to gain deeper insight existing stories/metaphors for these things.

2. Continued producing music for my album.


1. I finally finished my essay for A&M!!!!!! (60 min)

2. Started my supplements for USC (30 min)