1. I finished my thesis paper because I had forgotten that I had two pages left.
2. I also started getting all of my papers together for my final submit.


1. For about the first half of the class I was in communication with one of my judges who is unfortunately unable to come to my presentation so she will be Skyping me during my presentation today. I made sure to email her all of the documents needed.

2. For the rest of the class I tightened up my presentation and tested my slideshow on the projector.


1. I made some changed to my presentation that I took note of yesterday when I practiced my presentation.

2. I played around with some music since I hadn't made beats in about a week or more because of preparing my presentation.


1. I finished up my presentation slideshow and my presentation outline all of class. I had a lot of fluff to try to make it over the 20 minute minimum but I ended up being able to remove a lot of it because I was over the minimum.


1. I showed up really late to class (10:15)

2. During the rest of the time I had left, I worked on my thesis presentation. I completed roughly three more slides. I think I can make 20 minutes as of now but I want to be well-over the minimum so I don't have to worry about it.

3. I locked in my presentation time with Correa.


1. Last night I locked in two more judges for my thesis presentation. This class period I communicated with them to try to workout a specific time/date that works for all of them. In addition to that, I sent them the judge paperwork.

2. Afterwards, I continued working on my paper and redid about two pages of it.

3. Lastly, I started my slideshow for my presentation. I'm using the one I used for our end of year check up, but I'm expanding it and cutting some things out based on the audience I'm presenting to.


1. For the first half of class, I researched people to send Judge Requests to. I found roughly ten producers/artists/rapper from the DFW area and emailed/messaged them. I'm hoping at least one of them will respond.

2. For the rest of the class I worked on my outline for my presentation. I'm putting together a loose script for me to follow while presenting. I also started working on visuals for my project.